Cycliad 2017 Highlights

During the spring and summer months, it feels like all I do is video people on bikes. And though that's not really true, I do get the chance to experience some pretty amazing experiences. 2017 offered me a new experience with an old fried. I worked with Drew for almost 15 years, and 2017 saw him taking the helm at the Deep South Cancer Foundation in Birmingham as well as their major event, Cycliad - a bike ride throughout the Deep South to raise money for local cancer patients.

Their idea is simple but amazing: people with insurance have the opportunity to get cancer treatment, but that doesn't keep food in the fridge or pay for parking when they visit the city for their appointments. It doesn't pay for their hotel stay either, and sometimes people have to choose between treatment and buying groceries. That's where DSCF comes in to help bridge that gap until there's a cure. And Cycliad is one big way they do that. Like they say, "Cancer is complicated... Helping is not. Sometimes it's as easy as riding a bike."

Here are the recap videos from 2017's tour.

Eric Love