Passion Projects

Eric did a fantastic job creating videos for our organization. He took the time to get to know our mission and vision to best capture the passion we have for helping people; and the final product was of the highest quality. We could not be more pleased.
— Carly Benton, The Mercy Ministries

Non-Profits, Schools, Youth Programs, Social Groups, Community Programs

Non-profits want to make a difference, and generally speaking, every penny they earn goes right back into working to make change happen in the lives of others. You have a cause, something you are passionate about. There is no greater way to share your vision with others than through compelling video. Not only can we educate others and create awareness, but we can also give your cause a face and a voice. I worked for nearly 15 years with a non-profit. Because of that, I understand how important getting more for your money is. I bring that experience to the table and I promise that nothing will be wasted.

Rates for videos such as these begin at $2500. However, nonprofits, schools and similar organizations may qualify for a discount. Contact me with information on your passion project and I'll send you a detailed proposal so we can find a way to tell your story well... and well within your budget.


I Am 21st Century

I've known about the 21st Century After School program since it began in my hometown many years ago. For a while, I taught an enrichment class with middle school students in the program: Creative Expression. Last year, the funding for this vital program was threatened and I was very excited to work with them again to use video to show just how important after school programs are in the lives of countless young people. This is the full version of the video we produced.

Eric is very easy to work with and always has a great, quick, turn around time. He is communicative and clear when discussing projects. He produces high quality work at an incredibly fast pace and consistently meets deadlines. And I appreciate the time he takes to answer any questions I may have.
— Sarah Smedley, Deep South Cancer Foundation

Why We Ride: The Paul Anderson Youth Home

I worked for nearly 15 years at the Paul Anderson Youth Home and I have been on every bike ride they've had except the very first one. The bike ride itself is an event (look for more on it on the events page), but I've included this video here to show the power of a simple story told well.

The Mercy Ministries

I always look forward to my project with Mercy every year. The stories they have to share are simply incredible. Video is one of the ways they engage their supporters each year at their annual fundraiser luncheon. But there is so much content we capture to produce that single video, I am always able to produce a suite of videos for them to use throughout the year at no additional cost. Nothing is wasted: that's my M.O.

Rachel's House

Rachel's House is another organization I work with each year to help produce a video they can use at their yearly fundraising banquet. As we capture the various people helping tell the story, in this case the story of a beautiful little boy named Bryson and his mother Shandrika, and after I've produced the 7 minute banquet video I was hired to create, I am left with at least an hour of great content I'm able to edit and provide to Rachel's House for marketing throughout the year, all as part of our original contract. The additional, un-wasted content represents recruitment and training videos for volunteers, emotive social media clips, history and overview videos of the organization, and inspirational videos for others who may be in crisis.

Vidalia Heritage Academy

Private schools like VHA often need a way to educate families on who they are and why they may be a good fit for their child. Video is an excellent way to do that. I've worked on a handful of videos with them, and it's hard to pick my favorite.

Eric Love, the mastermind behind LOG.IC, truly has a gift, a sixth sense almost. He is able to connect with people on a level that is not the norm. It may be he is just willing to slow down, listen and see things from another person’s perspective. All I know is I have seen moments come alive. LOG.IC always seems to provoke emotion and spark action. I have seen people laugh, cry, give, volunteer, share, love, and so much more just by watching a video or seeing an image. I don’t understand the LOG.IC but I love the results.
— Melissa Hightower, Paul Anderson Youth Home Advancement Team