Showcase Videos

The Best of the Best

I like having my camera around just in case something interesting happens. You never know when you might catch something magical all by accident. I find some of my favorite clips happen just that way. Here, you get to see some of those clips that otherwise may never be released. This is where you can view the video on the landing page with sound as well as see some other fun videos I created just because I wanted to.


2016 Showcase Video

Some of my favorite clips from 2016 all put together in a fun little showcase video. From the first clip of Daniel, who happens to be building a chicken coop, to the end clip of my homegirl Maddie staring pensively off into the future (she's my basset hound, by the way), this video has several really great shots I'm really excited to share. Also, in it you will see the best friend I've ever had in my entire life, Frankie. He's the other basset hound. He left this world last year for whatever comes next for a hoss like him, so that makes this video even more special to me.

2018 Snow Day

I live in south Georgia. It does not snow here. When they said snow was in the forecast, I bet a friend $100 we wouldn't see a flake. Guess who lost that bet.

Waiting for Santa (2016)

I get a little festive around Christmas. I decorate my house as though I had 14 children. (Yes, it is my house in this video.) I have no children, except three dogs and a cat (all of whom are in this video). But I think every season should have a reason to light up the world with glowing balls, tinsel and evergreen garland. Why not? Anyway, I realize I may get a little carried away, so I shoot a Christmas promo video and tell everyone that's why I decorate so much (which is not true, of course). This was the first one, and it was a spur of the moment idea. I was just playing around with my camera and decided to dress up like Santa and tell a cute little story. Yes, I do happen to have a Santa costume just lying around the house. Doesn't everyone?

2015 Showcase Video

The fair. A skater punk and a turtle, not together. At least one duck. Plenty of smiling faces. Lots to look at, in any case. Here are some of my favorite clips from 2015.