Good Business

My experience with LOG.IC has exceeded my highest expectations. Proven over a long period of time and many various projects, I have seen consistent, first-rate quality. I never have to go over details more than once. Each project is always handled and seen through to the end with the highest level professionalism and skill.
— Mandi Spivey, With You In Mind Publications

Quality Video Content At Highly Competitive Prices For Businesses

Find potential clients and customers using the easiest, most captivating medium available: video. Whether you have 30 seconds to get your story across in an ad, or if you want to take your time to educate others on your products and services, we can hit your target audience with great content. One of the best things about video is that it can perfectly express your personality to the people you are trying to reach, whether you are having fun or being totally serious.

Rates for videography begin at $1500 depending on the type of video you want to create. For a more detailed proposal, contact me so I can get an idea of what you want.


Meridy's Uniforms

My friends over at Meridy's always want to have fun. They offer seriously good nursing uniforms and scrubs with excellent customer support and satisfaction. But when it comes time to do an instructional video, they want it to be fun... actually, "fun and sassy" were their exact words. Watch it. You'll see.

LOG.IC is wonderful to work with for video production. The quality of the work is outstanding and professional.
— Teresa Meadows, Meridy's Uniforms

Middle Flint

Middle Flint is a huge organization that services over 4000 people with a variety of developmental, social and other challenges. Because of this, they require a large work force and have a lot of turn over. Training new hires is a critical operation, but just giving them an overview of the company was a time consuming and costly necessity. That's why we made a 45 minute orientation video for new hires that thoroughly introduces them to the organization, not just the branch they were hired into. This is the first chapter of that video.

Video isn't just for big businesses. In fact, I love the little guy. Logan of is a friend of mine, something you may have realized from other posts. He designs custom skateboards and sells them. I love it when anyone sets out to do something they are passionate about, and I relish the opportunity to work with smaller companies, even individuals, who create things of quality.

Choose Hope Cancer Center

This video provides cancer patients with an educational  tour of what a day of treatment looks like and gives them insight into what to expect. The video was made in partnership with the University of Alabama in Birmingham and the Deep South Cancer Foundation.

Big Boy Cookies: Valentine’s Day

This video is only sixty seconds, but it captures the spirit of Big Boy Cookies perfectly. Usually a little playful and occasionally a bit irreverent, but always a lot of fun. Can you imagine a better way than this video to tell customers why they should upgrade their Valentine’s game?

The new staff orientation video Eric Love of LOG.IC produced for our organization is outstanding, exceeding the initial vision for the project. He had a head full of ideas and was a joy to work with. I would recommend him without hesitation.
— Beth NeSmith, Middle Flint Behavioral HealthCare

Quick Punch: TV Ads and Social Media Posts

30-60 seconds isn't long to tell your story, but in today's fast paced, social media driven world, if a person isn't hooked immediately, chances are you've already lost them. So how do you create something in 30 seconds that is so compelling, people want to learn more? You use the right combination of video, music and text. Whether you use them on TV, in your local cinema, or on Instagram and Facebook, these quick snapshots are a great way to get good attention.

Meridy's Uniforms: Fabric Feature

Meridy's does produce some straight forward promotional videos that are no-nonsense and highly professional. But these "fun and sassy" videos are my favorite. This one demonstrates the amazing quality of the fabric their uniforms are made of. The best way to demonstrate this incredible feature? Pour colored liquid on our model.

Big Boy Cookies

I manage the social media and email accounts for Big Boy Cookies. Creating their posts is one of my favorite things to do each month because they want their content to reflect their founder, Big Boy: he is funny, unpredictable and a little irreverent. So I'm given a great amount of freedom in just how creative and quirky their posts are. This is a fairly straight forward Christmas promotion. You can find some of the more fun and creative examples of their posts in the Video Archive.


Paul Anderson Youth Home: Family In Crisis

This is a 15 second ad created for a movie theater in Macon, Georgia. Making an impact in 15 seconds can be incredibly challenging, but for families in crisis, knowing about a program like the PAYH can make all the difference.

I Am 21st Century

In an effort to prevent losing funding for this incredible and vital after school program, we created a 60 second video that clearly shows why the program is so important. It's most important assett: the students.

Eric is an extremely talented producer who can capture and tell your story especially well. He is hard working, flexible, low maintenance, cost effective, and a pleasure to work with. LOG.IC is my first choice for professional storytelling production. I trust them... they get it right every time.
— Warren Smedley, The University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System